Melissa Monath's Lucknow Slides

Melissa Monath, a student at Pennsylvania State University in the spring, 2001, shared her slides of Lucknow with us. The slide show is a Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation. You must have MS PowerPoint or a compatible slide program on your personal computer to see the slide show.

If you have MS PowerPoint on your personal computer, you can click the following link to view the slides. PowerPoint will download the slides. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the slide presentation will open within the browser.

If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, when PowerPoint has finished downloading the slides, it will open the presentation in its own window. Simply click “Slide Show” on the menu bar; then click “View Show” on the dropdown menu. Powerpoint will fill up your screen.

To start the show, click in the lower left quadrant of the screen.

Click here | Melissa's Lucknow PowerPoint Slide Show |
Microsoft Powerpoint required.
2095 kb. It will require ten minutes to download
the slide presentation at a dialup rate.

The slide show was prepared for oral presentation as part of a school class project. It is not accompanied by a text outline. However, the images can be identified. All technology in the images is vintage 1912-1914.

  • Title slide: aerial photo of the mansion
  • Color-enhanced aerial photo of the mansion
  • Exterior elevation of the pergola
  • Group Photo of Tom Plan (left), Olive Dewey Plan (center), William Plant (right)
  • Tom Plant's kitchen range and oven, to which he made mechanical improvements
  • Wall phone, with a board of buttons to ring other phones at the estate
  • Framed reproduction of the American Declaration of Independence
  • Needle-point surround shower.
  • Tiled upstairs bathroom
  • End slide: aerial photo of the mansion

Thank you, Melissa.

September 1, 2002. February 26, 2007.