Share Your Photos!

I have created a public photo group called "Lucknow / Castle in the Clouds" at Yahoo's online photosharing service, Flickr. You can upload your photographs—and discuss them—at the group site.

Click here | Yahoo Flickr Photo Sharing

(Opens in a new browser or browser window.)

To upload your photographs, you must first open an account at Flickr (the link above). Flickr accounts are free. It is easy to open an account; it will take you only a few minutes. Once you have joined, you can add photos to the public group, "Lucknow / Castle in the Clouds". Just follow the directions, which are clear and simple.

To view group photos, without joining Flickr, search for "Lucknow" and "Castle in the Clouds" on text and/or tags.

When you have joined Flickr, you can upload photos and add them to the photo pool in the group, "Lucknow / Castle in the Clouds".

See you—literally—online!

February 28, 2007.